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Debit And Credit Cards

Almost all online casinos accept this method because it is‌‌ ‌‌safe‌‌ ‌‌and‌‌ ‌‌secure. The most well-known types of credit and debit cards include Visa, MasterCard and American Express. A considerable percentage of adults in the UK carry at least one of these cards in their wallets, making this a popular and secure payment method. To register your card at the online casino account, you need to enter a valid card number that you find on the front of your card. You will also be required to enter the CVV/CVC code from the back of your card together with the expiry date. This information will be encrypted with a high level of security. Using your credit or debit card as a deposit option will allow you to make additional deposits without having to reenter all of the information again.

The new rule from April 2020 means that credit cards are no longer an available payment method on online casino sites in the UK. Instead, only debit cards are valid - so don't forget this when considering what options you want to use to fund your online gaming experience.

Casino Payment Methods Credit Cards
Debit and Credit Cards are the most popular Casino Payment Metods.


VISA is one of the most popular credit cards in the world, maintaining its market leadership position. The popularity of VISA has grown significantly over the years, as it is accepted by all casino and sports betting sites.

Visa is all about safety, security, and convenience. That is why it has the most comprehensive fraud protection system in the world that protects you from unauthorised transactions. VISA also offers a range of benefits for its cardholders like zero liability on unauthorised transactions, access to emergency cash worldwide etc.

Visa does not share any information with third parties. This ensures that Visa players remain safe, as no one can access sensitive details like card numbers or personal data unless they choose to do so themselves.

VISA Electron Card

VISA Electron is a debit card and a sister card to the VISA credit card. The main difference between a Visa debit card and a Visa Electron card is that Electron cards only allow deposits when the amount being transferred from an account with sufficient funds. Thus, these transactions are matched to avoid overdraws, and there is a reduced chance of going into debt by using this type of payment method.


MasterCard is a credit card and payment network. They are one of the world's best-known brands in payments processing.

VISA and MasterCard work on different payment networks. So a Visa will not work for payments done through Mastercard's payment network and vice versa. There are other differences between the various credit cards for gambling, but rewarding programs and annual fees can be two of a few key features.

Maestro Card

Maestro card is a debit card in Europe. The European Payment Council introduced it as an alternative to Visa Electron and MasterCard Debit.


Casino Payment Methods e-wallets
E-Wallets serve as prepaid accounts in which a user can store money for future transactions.

When it comes to money, the new generation of players might be more tech-savvy than older generations. They've grown up with everything from PayPal and Venmo on their smartphones to Bitcoin in college courses. As a result, they know that there are many ways for them to pay quickly and securely online without having to carry cash or even use plastic cards like credit or debit cards at all.


PayPal ranks as the most popular e-wallet worldwide, with over 200 million active users in North America and Europe. Only a few countries, including the UK, accept PayPal as online casino payment methods. With e-Wallets, transactions are secure and usually free of charge. All transactions can easily be tracked, and withdrawals are generally much faster than with other ‌methods.

Using Paypal, your credit card details will be safely stored within the e-Wallet, regardless of how many cards you have. See our top list of PayPal Casinos.


Skrill is an e-wallet that is licensed in over 200 countries. It is specially focused on the gambling industry and is accepted by almost all casino and betting sites. Skrill has a higher fee for withdrawals, but its acceptance in over 200 countries offset this. With Skrill, you can also order your plastic card to use for online or offline payments.

The significant part about Skrill is that transactions are kept private and can be made from any device with an internet connection, as long as you have a valid email address.


Another e-wallet that belongs to the same company as Skrill is Neteller. They are almost identical, but there is a slight difference in the way the two function. One benefit of Neteller is the opportunity to get multiple virtual cards for personal use. There is also some slight difference in fees for Neteller and Skrill regarding withdrawal depending on the country and how you want to withdraw your money.


There are many different cryptocurrencies out there, and they all have their pros and cons. Several casinos are looking to increase their reach by accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as casino payment methods. (See our top list of Bitcoin casino UK).

The more anonymous and decentralised Bitcoin becomes, the better it gets for customers who want to keep their personal information private. This can be a great advantage when betting on sports or playing casino games regulated by specific countries; after all, regulation often means taxation, which is an issue where BTC excels because of its worldwide acceptance in spite of borders.

Casino Payment Methods Cryptocurrencies
A‌ ‌‌cryptocurrency‌‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌digital file-based currency.

Bank Wire transfer for gambling

With all of the online casino payment options available, you might think that bank transfers are a relic from ancient times. It's not quite true, though; they're still an option if none else is working for your plan to make deposits into casino accounts. Wire transfers involve the transfer of funds ‌directly‌ ‌from‌ ‌your‌ ‌bank‌ ‌account‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ ‌casino's‌ ‌bank‌ ‌account. These transactions are carefully protected by banks and ensure that your data is safe. Wire transfers can be used for all kinds of payments, though both you and the receiver don't need any special accounts or bespoke technology to make it happen. Bank wire transfers can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on if it's an instant Wire transfer or not days before they're fully credited into your casino account. The process is pretty simple and straightforward, but it's always important to have all of the information you need when doing any transaction like this one.

You need the following information for a wire transfer

  • Casino's Swift, Bic or IBAN code.
  • Casino's address
  • Casino's Bank
  • Your personal information

Revolut Casino Payment Method

Revolut has excellent rates and is a safe way of making deposits into your casino account without having to pay the hefty fees that come with other payment processors like Mastercard or Visa. You must open a Revolut account to deposit, and you need to find a casino that accepts‌ ‌Revolut‌ ‌as‌ ‌a‌ ‌payment‌ ‌method.

Apple Pay Casino Payments

Apple Pay is a virtual wallet and payment service provided by Apple. This means that anyone using an iPhone or iPad can transfer money, with the process taking only seconds. To facilitate a deposit, Apple TouchCode will be needed.

Google Pay Casino Payments

Google Pay is a virtual wallet and payment service provided by Google. Online casinos that take Google Pay transactions allow players to deposit money instantly, eliminating the need for customers to wait and making it an excellent option for mobile casinos.

Klarna Casino Payments

Klarna has been in operation for over a decade and is now being accepted by mainstream casino sites, many UK regulated. It essentially operates as an online bank within the European Union, with customers not needing to share their banking information with anyone. Klarna is a great way to make your online casino deposits. You can choose from three different options: "pay now," which means you'll pay the total amount upfront, and Klarna will only carry out bank transfer transactions for future payments; "pay later" where you won't have to spend beforehand but may be charged interest depending on how long it takes before payment becomes overdue; or finally there's 'Slice It,' whereby monthly repayments are set up so that they're automatically deducted from an account. According to UK Gambling regulations, casino operators might insist on upfront payments, while the "pay later" option will probably be reduced.

Online Casino Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone Casino
Pay by Phone is a very convenient and secure casino payment option.

The world of gambling is ever-changing, and the incorporation of mobile devices offers more opportunities for its players. Now you can play casino games on your phone or make deposits into your account by just using a carrier payment method known as "pay-by-phone". This quick and convenient solution doesn't sacrifice security as other methods may do in some cases.

Boku Casino Payments

Boku is a popular mobile payment method that has become increasingly celebrated for its safety and convenience. Boku can be used by any UK casino punter with ease as it's based on the user's mobile billing info, meaning you don't even need an account to have this instant deposit option. However, not all pay-by-phone casinos accept Boku - if you're looking for fast deposits plus top service, then finding a casino that accepts Bok will make your day.

Payforit Casino Payments

Payforit has been growing in popularity as mobile payment methods have become more and more mainstream. With Payforit, you can charge the cost of your online services to your phone bill with just a few taps on your screen.

Zimpler Casino Payments

Zimpler is another popular online casino payment method, which offers a similar service as Payforit. This means that the cost of your online services can be charged to your phone bill in just a few taps on your screen. Their services are currently only available in Sweden and Finland, but they plan to enter mainland Europe soon.


Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method that can be used to buy vouchers (equal in value) and then pay with them at stores or online merchants. It was founded back in 2000 and has since saved Austrian reliability from being tarnished by its well-known reputation for quality goods. Moreover, as Paysafecard belongs to Paysafe Group, UK Financial Conduct Authority also approved it as a secure payment method.

With your Paysafecard account created and the casino of choice chosen, you can then deposit funds instantly with the help of this payment method.

When you buy something via a Paysafecard voucher, it's essential to enter the 16-digit PIN for confirmation. This number is encrypted and secure with a time limit of 3 minutes per transaction. Once entered correctly, your cash will automatically deposit into your account without any delays! See our list of Paysafecard casinos

Deposit - Withdrawal Time And Transaction Limits

The payment methods accepted by casino sites and the minimum and maximum deposit limits will vary from casino site to casino site. To help give you an idea of what to expect, we have compiled the table below with information about deposit - withdrawal time and transaction limits.

So, if you're looking for a quick way to get paid then eWallets are your best options. Bitcoin is also good but the payout times can vary depending on how busy it's been lately with transactions. You'll usually receive your withdrawal within 5 minutes of making one though so that counts in its favour too! And just like any other casino out there, they might take some time to review requests- up until 24 hours sometimes which means you need patience when withdrawing from an internet gambling site.

Payment Method
Deposit Time / Withdrawal Time
Transaction Amount
Instant / 1-5 Days
Min: £5 / Max: £20k
Visa Electron
Instant / 1-5 Days
Min: £5 / Max: £20k
MasterCard Logo
Instant / 1-5 Days
Min: £5 / Max: £20k
Instant / 1-5 Days
Min: £5 / Max: £20k
Neteller Logo
Instant / UpTo 24h
Min: £5 / Max: £5k
Skrill Logo
Instant / UpTo 24h
Min: £5 / Max: £12k
PayPal Logo
Instant / UpTo 24h
Min: £5 / Max: £5.5k
Instant / UpTo 24h
Min: £5 / Max: £1k
Instant / No Withdrawal
Min: £5 / Max: £300
Apple Pay
Instant / No Withdrawal
Min: £5 / Max: £5k
Google Pay
Instant / No Withdrawal
Min: £5 / Max: £5k
Klarna logo
Instant / 1-5 Days
Min: £5 / Max: £1k
Boku Logo
Instant / No Withdrawal
Min: £5 / Max: £30
Zimpler Logo
Instant / UpTo 24h
Min: £5 / Max: £20k

Payment Methods with No Withdrawal Options

Paysafecard, Boku, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pay by Phone, Neosurf and UPayCard are very popular cash-in methods for many casino players. However, they cannot process withdrawals as these services only move money in one direction - you can't withdraw funds from them like with credit cards or bank transfers. In order to cash out, you will need to use a bank transfer or another method.

Account and KYC Verification

Casinos operating online in the UK need to‌ ‌be‌ ‌licensed‌ ‌by‌ ‌the‌ ‌UK‌ ‌Gambling‌ ‌Commission. The commission sets out several regulations that operators have to abide by, and one is to provide identification when registering for their service. This might seem like a lot, but it's worth your while because you're dealing with a reputable operator who has to follow these guidelines, or they risk being shut down.

These online casinos are required to follow specific procedures to verify players' identities so as not to contravene laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or PADA (Money Laundering Regulations).

All operators must verify their customer's identity via ID checks at registration. In addition, passports or driving licenses must be shown,‌ ‌along‌ ‌with‌ ‌a‌ ‌recent‌ ‌utility‌ ‌bill.

The online casino industry is challenging because of the intense scrutiny. Online casinos are under constant pressure to authenticate player's information and comply with KYC regulations that keep them in business by preventing money laundering, fraud, scams or other criminal activity. Therefore it can take a little while for players' accounts to be approved.

Check the security of payment

One of the most important things for players to do is ensure their data and accounts are secure. An online casino must have licenses from at least one gaming jurisdiction to be legitimate, but they must also take steps, so your information stays safe. One requirement for this type of licensing is an SSL Certificate which encrypts all of your details like credit card numbers along with other sensitive info such as birth dates and player names - making sure you never have anything stolen by nefarious hackers who might try to get into these systems just looking for some juicy tidbits on unsuspecting people.

High Roller Casino Payment Options

To entice high-rollers, online casinos will often provide them with exclusive perks to improve their experience. For example, some of these VIPs are given a special manager who can quickly deposit and withdraw money from the casino when necessary. In addition, it's not uncommon for certain players at this level to receive enticing bonuses that only they can enjoy.

If you're looking to bet a large amount of money, it might be better to avoid payment methods with low deposits and withdrawals. We recommend using your debit card or an e-wallet as these are both excellent options for this purpose. E-wallets has become one of the easiest and quickest ways to deposit, withdraw and process large sums of money with ease. One can use a PayPal account or make a transfer through Skrill to fund their online casino account.

It's essential, though, that if possible, you should try not to use online mobile casino payment since this method has much lower limits than other solutions.

Questions & Answers

Can a casino refuse to pay out?

Casinos can refuse to pay out wins for a variety of reasons. The following are some examples of them in detail.

1) Sometimes online casinos refuse to release your winnings if the player has not met their wagering requirement. However, it is crucial that you first verify the wagering requirements and read through the T&C.

2) Before you can cash out on your winnings, an online casino needs to verify that you are who you claim to be. They will require some documents, including proof-of-deposit and ID, for verification purposes before making any payout.

3) The player account may have been flagged for suspicious activity. This can happen if the player made large sums of deposits and withdrawals consecutively or used a lot of different methods to deposit money into the casino account.

4) If you win at an online casino and the site won't pay your money or give lame excuses, be sure to complain to its regulating company. Legitimate sites provide their information about the license in a footer section of each page on their website.

How do online casinos pay winnings?

Three steps are required before the money reaches your bank account when withdrawing from an online casino. The first step is to request it, and you must have enough funds for withdrawal as most sites require a minimum amount per transaction. Once that's done, go on by inputting how much you want to be paid out of your bankroll or wallet balance (depending on what method was used when making deposits). Lastly, process this action, which will take time- usually anywhere from 1 hour up to 5 days depending upon banking methods selected during initial registration.

How long does an online casino withdrawal take?

Usually, it takes a few days for the casino to process your first withdrawal. This is because most online casinos are legally required to verify that you're who you claim to be before they are releasing your winnings. But after your first withdrawal, the casino will likely know you're a legitimate customer, and any subsequent withdrawals should be processed in a matter of hours.
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How do you pay at a casino?

The casino will provide you with several casino payment methods from which to choose. UK casinos' most popular payment methods are credit and debit cards like VISA and MasterCards (Remember that credit cards are banned in the UK since April 2020). Other payment methods to consider are e-wallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers. Just be sure to read t&c before choosing any deposit method. In most cases, you will not be qualified for a casino bonus and free spins when choosing e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller as a deposit method.

To make the funds go into your casino account, follow the instructions and entering information such as card numbers, CVV codes or email for e-wallets.

After clicking "Submit", another window should pop up confirming that you've completed the transaction successfully along.

How much can you withdraw from a casino?

After reading through the terms and conditions, it is essential to read your casino's Cashout policy. While many different casinos have various limits on cashing out - from no limit up to $100 per day or month- you need to know what kind of limitations exist before playing at an online casino. Hence, do not be surprised when you go for payout.

Can I use my debit card for online gambling?

Yes, many online casinos use debit cards to deposit and withdraw from casino accounts.