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Paysafecard is a prepaid card that you can use to fund your online casino account. You purchase the card from a retailer, scratch off the code on it, and enter the number into your casino account.
This article will discuss how Paysafecard works in an online casino, some advantages over other deposit methods, and why they are so popular with players today!

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A completely safe deposit
It is highly mobile compatible
Almost an instant deposit
Paysafecard prepaid card
Charges of €3 every month after six months of inactivity
Paysafecard does not support withdrawal

Introduction and history

Paysafecard comes highly recommended as one of the safest payment services on the internet, but every transaction on the internet comes with a small element of risk. The hacker and identity thieves are always lurking to pounce on any slack in security.

The need and sensitivity of secured online transactions make online payment services like Paysafecard vital to our everyday transactions on the internet. The company prioritises fraud detection and prevention, and they are continually updating their security standards.

Paysafecard voucher with 16-PIN Code

Paysafecard started in Austria as a printed prepaid card in 2000, with a simple idea of making secure online payment readily available through the purchase of the 16-PIN prepaid card.

The payment service was started by Armin Sageder, the first CEO, with his three Austrian friends Michael Altrichter, Michael Muller, and Reinhard Eilmsteiner.

The Dream of the four Austrian friends is now in 49 countries worldwide and in over 600,000 sales outlets. Shoppers and online gamers widely use it to pay for gaming services, and its popularity has extended to the online gambling industry.

How Paysafecard works?

Paysafecard is a payment method that works mainly with the 16-PIN prepaid card. You can get the prepaid card from thousands of outlets in different parts of the world. 

The pin code can be used on any online service that supports PaySafeCard. Getting the Prepaid card is as easy as walking into over 600,000 supermarkets, gas stations, newspaper stands, retail stores, and other small businesses where it is sold. 

Besides the security that Paysafecard offers, it is straightforward to use. All it takes to complete a transaction is to select Paysafecard as your preferred payment method and correctly type the 16-digit PIN into the required form.

In case you are wondering where to get the prepaid card, visit Paysafecard's website or use the mobile app. There is a map feature to check all the prepaid card outlets near you.

Method to deposit into an online casino with Paysafecard

Depositing into an online casino is as straightforward as using a debit or credit card. Of course, Paysafecard guarantees an extra layer of protection because you don't need your personal and banking details like in the case of debit or credit cards.

There are two options for depositing into a Paysafecard casino account.

Paysafecard voucher

The first option is to purchase a Paysafecard voucher from one of the sales outlets. Once done, log in to your casino account and choose Paysafecard as your preferred payment method. Complete your transaction with your loaded voucher.

The validity of a Paysafecard voucher is one year, after which a fee of €2 is charged from the voucher every month.

In case you are asking, where can I use Paysafe vouchers? The simple answer is all sites that accept Paysafecard.

Paysafecard MasterCard
Paysafecard Prepaid Master Card

Paysafecard MasterCard

The second option is probably the more convenient one. You can request a Paysafecard MasterCard, which may take up to 10 days to be processed and sent to your location.

You can add funds into the MasterCard by topping it up from your Paysafecard account. A fee of 4% of the top-up amount is charged to your account.

To deposit into your online casinos that accept Paysafecard is easy from here. Log in to your betting account, and choose Paysafecard as your preferred method of payment. Fill in the amount you want to deposit in your preferred currency, supply the 16-digits pin, and confirm your transaction.

Note that the Paysafecard voucher is available in different denominations. The standard denominations available to the European customers in €10, €25, €50, €75 and €100 and the same denominations in dollars, depending on your location. PayPoint partner retail locations offer a bit higher denominations than other sales outlets.

You can combine different denominations for a higher deposit amount. You are only allowed to use 10 separate pin codes in a single ticket. In other words, you can add 10 €100 to get a maximum deposit of €1000 in your My Paysafecard account.

The maximum deposit limit may be lower in other currencies. The maximum amount you can deposit depends on the maximum limits set by your online casino. You can use a part of the total balance and save the remaining part for the future deposit.

Withdrawing from an online casino with Paysafecard

As good and secure as Paysafecard is for making a deposit, it has one major spot. It is only a prepaid card system that makes withdrawing with it difficult. Many online casinos that accept Paysafecard give you the option of sending your winnings via bank transfer. You can also make use of other easy payment methods such as debit or credit cards and other e-wallets for your withdrawals.

With that said, withdrawal into My Paysafecard (not the regular no-account Paysafecard) is possible, but only a few selected online casinos allow it.

However, the introduction of Paysafecard MasterCard Makes it easier to withdraw from your account or shop with it on any ATM or POS in any part of the world.

Another way to get money out of a Paysafecard account is to request a refund. To request a refund, you will be required to provide a valid government-issued id, bank details, proof of address, and a copy of the pin. Processing withdrawal with this method will take up to 11 working days and attract a fee of GBP 6.

Why Paysafecard should be your preferred method of payment

Of course, the first thing to look out for in Paysafecard casinos or any other casinos is the security of your fund and personal information and convenience.

As already mentioned, Paysafecard casinos offer you robust security. With your financial details not needed to deposit on Paysafecard casinos, your money, personal banking details can't be hacked. Also, your details will not be requested at Paysafecard sales outlets before selling the 16-digit pin to you.

Note that this does not suggest that other online casinos are unsafe to transact on. Many of them prioritise your online security employing cutting edge encryption technology, two-factor authentication, and other layers of protection. 

If the security of your transaction is of utmost importance to you, then Paysafecard casinos give you an extra layer of protection.

Another important reason for using Paysafecard online as your number one payment method is convenience. Once you locate a sales outlet near you using their website, you can instantly purchase and fund your betting account.

Limitation and Transaction fees

Like every other e-wallet and payment service, Paysafecard also comes with some limitations and, of course, transaction fees. There is no charge for making a deposit. But we think it is essential for you to know what to expect as charges and limitations with each of your transactions.

Most of these limitations are more prominent in online gambling. And that is understandable. It's essential to protect an online casino's reputation that uses Paysafecard to process its payment and Paysafecard itself. 

Standard card

The maximum deposit limit varies from region to region and your preferred currency. If you are depositing in a Paysafe casino as a UK resident with the UK pound as your preferred currency, the maximum is ₤200, and the US online casino players can transact the max amount of $300. The European residents are allowed €100.

My Paysafecard 

For new players, a €100 deposit may be enough. If that is you, you will increase your deposit limit by registering a My Paysafecard. The account will up your transaction limit considerably to €1,000 with an unlimited daily limit.

Limitations on Paysafecard Mastercard

There are two types of Paysafecard MasterCard - adult card and youth card. As the names suggest, the adult card is obviously for the adult, while the youth card is for persons less than the age of 16.

On the adult card, you can hold a balance of €5,000 and also spend the same amount within the month. There are a daily top-up limit and a single transaction limit of €1,000.

On the youth card, you are allowed to hold a card balance of €1000. you can also top up and transact the same amount in a day or a single €1000 on a transaction.

These are just a few of the limitations of Paysafecard MasterCard. You can check a list of them on its website.

Transaction fees on Paysafecard.

Monthly maintenance fee: The monthly maintenance will not apply until after six months of purchasing your Paysafecard PIN. A cost of €3 is charged from your account every month.

Refund fee: For every refund, you will be charged €7.5. The fee is taken straight from the refunded amount. The exchange rate of 2% also applies to refund.

Annual and Top-up fee: A fee of 4% applies every time you top up the MasterCard. And a yearly fee of 9.9 euros is charged once every year.

Conversion fee: Conversion to or from Euro cost an exchange rate of 2% of the total transaction amount. The exchange rate is much higher, 4.04%, when the exchange is in other currencies other than Euro. Use Paysafecard convert on the website to get the accurate exchange rate and the amount you will get in your desired currency.

You can also get a complete list of the fees that applies to your transaction from the website.

Paysafecard website
Paysafecard Signup Process is easy and fast.

Promotions and bonuses in a Paysafecard casino

A significant advantage of an online casino over the traditional brick-and-mortar casino is the series of attractive bonuses available in most online casinos. And one thing that you can be sure of is making your first deposit with Paysafe casinos will qualify you for a juicy bonus.

While the size and the wagering requirements of these bonuses differ from one online casino to another, they are regular promotions and bonuses that you always can count on in the top Paysafecard casinos. Here are a few of them.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is a staple in any casino site. It is a promotion employed by online casinos for attracting new players to the platforms. The bonus can be in the form of free spins or a first deposit bonus. Some online casinos are more generous and offer from 50% to as much as 500% of your first deposit.

Please keep your eyes on the small print under this bonus, as they contain conditions and wagering requirements of the online casino.

No deposit bonus

This promotion is also part of the online casino bonus strategy to get you onboard, but it's an exciting offer. It requires no commitment from you other than through registering an account. Not many online casinos are ready to give you something for nothing, even in the name of the promotion, so when you see a Paysafecard casino with this offer, grab it with both hands. The winnings from this bonus can only be withdrawn if the terms and conditions with the wagering requirements are met.

Free spins

The name 'free spins' says it all. Online casino gives new users free spins that will be used on selected games. It's an encouragement for new players to play on the platform. It goes by other names such as welcome spins, wager free spins, bonus spins, extra spins, etc.

Like all the bonuses and offers, free spins also come with wagering requirements. Take a couple of minutes to read and understand if the free spins are free.

Loyalty rewards

The loyalty reward is a promotion often targeted at old users, though nothing stops the new players from being part of it. It is essential to keep their loyalty and also keep both old and new players motivated. The method of reward can vary from one online casino to another. It can be giving bonuses for a specified monthly deposit or holding a competition reduced prices to the most active users.

But most times, they employ a hierarchical system. It means your deposit and the betting activities earn you points that count towards your ranking. The more you deposit or play, the more points you make, and the higher you go on the ranking. The higher the ranking you are, the juicer the perks you enjoy from the online casino. Different conditions and wagering requirements are also attached to loyalty rewards.

Final Words

Paysafecard is a unique payment service due to its several layers of security. The first and the most important one is the privacy of your personal and banking details. It means most of your betting activities will not reflect in your banking history. If the security of your fund and information is paramount to you, we suggest that you look for a reliable and top-notch Paysafecard casino to play at; there are a good number of them.

Questions & Answers

How safe is Paysafecard?

It is very safe. Paysafecard is one of the most secure payment methods you can use in an online casino, as it does not require your personal and banking details. With that layer of security added to the cutting edge SSL encryption technology, 16-digit pin code and regularly updated high-tech system guaranteed a strong defence against cybercriminals and fraud.

Are there transaction fees using Paysafecard?

It costs nothing to deposit into your online casino that accepts Paysafecard. Other than other transaction fees that you may incur, you will not be charged for any deposit.

Does using Paysafecard qualify me for online casino bonuses?

Online casinos prefer the convenience and security of processing payments made with Paysafecard. So yes, an online casino with Paysafecard as its payment option definitely will include Paysafecard users in each of its bonuses.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit in an online casino?

You can deposit up to €100 with a regular Paysafecard. To increase your maximum deposit limit, you can get a My Paysafecard account or request a Paysafecard MasterCard to up your ceiling to €250 and €1000, respectively.
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Is Paysafecard available in my country?

Paysafecard service is not available in all countries. You can get a complete list of all the countries supported on Paysafecard websites.

How fast is the transaction with Paysafecard?

In the absence of very rare technical issues, your online casino deposit will reflect in your betting account within a couple of minutes. Also, any failed transaction, for whatever reason, will revert into your account in the same period.

Does Paysafecard support mobile gambling?

Yes. Paysafecard has a mobile app that gives you even smoother and more convenient transactions on iPhone or Android.